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May 8, 2017

You Don’t Need Permission | BSP Book Worms

Whenever we come across any issues in life, we run to books first. It’s true. As book nerds, it is easy for us to find inspiration and answers from within them. Let’s be real, if you are looking for an answer, chances are someone has probably already written about a solution.

We Love Books

We find our books in a number of ways. One of them is to look at what other entrepreneurs are reading. We heard about the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert months ago from Jana William’s Instagram feed. She shared the cover of the book and even did a giveaway!

We didn’t end up winning the giveaway but wrote down the book name so that we could get it later. We had actually forgotten about the book until recently when we were on the prowl for the next book to help us pursue our creativity goals. While we were in the Target aisle for books, we came across Big Magic. It triggered the memory of that Insta story that Jana had shared and we took it as a sign that we needed this. As soon as we dove in, we loved how the author wrote it. It felt so authentic and real, as if a friend was sitting down next to you just giving it to you straight and pouring out everything that you have ever needed to hear.

What Inspired Us

Our favorite part of the book has to be “Permission.” Often times we find ourselves waiting for permission to live fulfilling lives. We care too much about what others think and what others are saying that we don’t even pursue what makes us feel alive. When we were getting started in photography, no one gave us permission to begin; we just started. And it was one of the best decisions we could have ever made in life.

The best part was how to look at rejection. Gilbert wrote about how she imagined every one of her rejection letters that she received after submitting her short stories as if it were a tennis match. She would send out a story, receive a rejection letter, just to send out another story. That simple mindset shift is a powerful tool that we use when we are feeling rejection in our lives. Just send it right back. Serve it back to the Universe.
If you are looking to have more clarity and inspiration in life, this book is a must have.

Get your own copy below! (Note this is an affiliate link)

We truly are nerds! But reading books has proved to be significantly helpful for us. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is one of our most recent Reads!

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