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June 26, 2017

Why Client Experience Matters

In the beginning of our relationship we did not have any images taken of us. Just blurry cellphone shots shots taken on flip phones. 😀 Any remember those? We had been together for a few years and wanted framed images of our milestones. At the time, we didn’t know the difference between photography styles. We went into Walmart for their in-person studio to get our images taken, which was an experience we will never forget our experience while we were there.

A Transaction

We remembered waiting in cheap plastic chairs. Dozens of people rushed by as we were sitting right by the cashier. The noise and the distraction of lines of people going through the checkout lanes didn’t help the anxiety felt by two people who had never gotten in front of a camera together. We were nervous, and the environment was only making it worse.

When it was time to take the photo, we saw what looked like a white bed sheet laid out for us to sit on. We sat down in an awkward sitting pose on the thin sheet and we could feel the cold vinyl floor beneath us. They had us come to a pose where we kneeled on the hard vinyl floor with a cardboard box between us. We leaned forward, trying not to put too much pressure on the box. With an awkward energy, we held hands as the noise of people and cashiers buzzed all around us.

Not the most romantic thing in the whole world! It was probably one of the least romantic things imaginable for a couple in love trying to capture their story in a photo. After a few more awkward poses, we were seated back into those hard plastic chairs as the images were uploaded.

After what seemed like forever,  we were called back to look at the images. As the images were clicked through, we saw how stiff and awkward we really looked! It was not pretty. We looked through the different filters placed on the photos and decided on three images to purchase. We have to admit, it was not the best experience we had!

A Client Experience

Luckily we have had much more positive experiences in front of the camera. We can remember getting in front of Katelyn’s camera a few years ago. She instantly made us feel so comfortable. We felt like we could be ourselves around her. Her warm, friendly demeanor made it feel like we had known her forever!

She encouraged us throughout posing and made us feel like a million bucks in front of the camera. We felt like ourselves. Katelyn went above and beyond to help us feel as comfortable as possible and we remember feeling so incredibly happy after we left.

Those were two completely different experiences we have had, and looking back at both of those different images we can still remember the emotions we felt that day.

We realized long ago that an experience a client encounters can affect their engagement session, surprise proposal, or even a wedding day! One of the biggest and most intimate moment in someone’s life! From the beginning we chose to create a client experience rather than just a transaction.


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