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August 2, 2017

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

We have been quiet on the blog and social media recently, and there’s a reason for that. Some of you may know our dog, Mo, from our previous posts. He’s happy and snuggly by nature, and continues to inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

When we first adopted Mr. Mo, he was about 11 months old. The rescue didn’t have much information on his background to give us.
After some time, we noticed he would have a slight limp, on and off every few weeks. Our vet explained that it was due to a luxating patella in his hind legs.

What’s a Luxating Patella?

A Luxating Patella is basically just a fancy way of saying his knee cap slips in and out of place due to the shallow bone formation commonly found in small breeds.

Over the past several weeks, we noticed that his limping had become more and more constant. Then, it turned from limping on it everyday, to not bearing any weight on his leg at all.

Unfortunately, this was right when our normal vet, who has cared for Mo since day 1, had actually moved out of the area. We became a little anxious now that we had to find a new veterinarian. But, thanks to our friends’ and family’s suggestions, we were able to find a new vet for Mo!

Mr. Mo’s Torn Ligament

On our first visit with the new Vet, they determined that Mo had torn his Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) in his back right leg. With rest and some pain medications, his torn knee ligament seemed to stabilize itself some. Mo still showed signs of discomfort and was refusing to bear weight on his leg, so the doctor suggested we see a specialist. We were referred out to see an orthopedic specialist. During our initial consultation with the specialist, he noted that Mo also had some discomfort in his hips. He was bearing no weight on his hind leg, forcing his weight distribution towards the front of body. With the discomfort in his hips, muscle loss in his hind leg, and tight muscles in his chest, physical therapy was the best route to help alleviate the pain that Mo has been experiencing. Poor guy! Needless to say, much of our time has been spent making him feel as comfortable as possible with physical therapy.

Dogs Have Physical Therapy, Too!

Yesterday was Mo’s first day of trying water treadmill as part of his therapy. He did well, although he was really unsure of the whole thing! He’s been really enjoying the daily massages, therapy and home exercises in between sessions.
Even through it all, he’s been such an incredible trooper! While he still has a long road to recovery and there are still a few unknowns, we are staying hopeful! In a few weeks, we go back to the specialist to discuss how Mo is progressing, and where we go from here.
We’re keeping our fingers crossed for good news!!

 Mo the Chion

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  1. Tina Dodd

    August 2nd, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Saying a prayer for Mo and hope he heals quickly with all of the special love, attention and therapy you are giving him. <3

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