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May 24, 2017

Kirby and Alfred | Washington DC Couples Sunrise Session

Having the opportunity to work towards your dream job is such an incredible feeling. Being around other creatives, chasing dreams of their own, is an even better feeling! It keeps us grounded and gives us a support system that we know we can lean on whenever we need it. We have met so many talented and genuine people and we are so grateful for each and every one of them.

We especially enjoy being able to share our passion for creativity with other like-minded creatives, like Kirby and her now fiance, Alfred! Kirby is actually an amazing photographer herself, and if you have ever gotten the chance to meet her, we know you will agree with us when we say she is the sweetest person you will ever meet!

We got a chance to get both Alfred and Kirby in front of our cameras. Immediately, we could see just how much they adored each other. Even before we took the first image! It actually reminded us of when we first began dating in High School. Right now, Alfred lives in New York and he travels to Virginia to come see Kirby! How crazy is that?!

We remember in the beginning of our relationship we had to endure a bit of distance and long periods of time being apart. Though, we were always in the same state, and only ever had a couple hundred miles between us when we were in college. It was one of the toughest things not being able to see each other more than once every 2-3 months. The longest was a little over 6 months, and that was truly difficult!

We could not imagine being several states apart! But Kirby and Alfred’s long distance has no affect on the love they have for each other. If anything, the distance just makes their love grow even stronger. Luckily, they won’t be in a long distance relationship for long! Alfred is planning on a few things in order for him to be in Virginia with his new bride-to-be.
We felt so lucky to get these two in front of our cameras for this romantic sunrise session. It’s incredible to be able to witness the pure love and joy they share. We still can’t get over their images!!

Kirby and Alfred’s Sunrise Session in Washington DC

Alfred, in his blue neck tie, nuzzles up with Kirby as she coyly smiles at the camera.A candid moment between the couple in between shots as we were setting up around the pillars at the DAR Constitutional Building in DC.Kirby, in her blush skirt and white top, lovingly laughs with Alfred as he leads her down the steps.The couple poses on the steps, with the early rays of the DC sunrise beginning the day An intimate portrait, with Kirby pulling Alfred closer. The beautiful white buildings all around the Daughters of the American Revolution Buildings, serving as natural reflectors for the sunrise light, providing the beautiful backlighting. Kirby steals a kiss on the cheek as Alfred cant help but to smile.With a bouquet of red and yellow, she adores her handsome fellow. Kirby and Alfred stand close in together in front of the elegant pillars at the DAR Constitutional Building in DC for their sunrise session.Leading his love down the steps, he looks back at her and smiles. An intimate moment as they kiss; the golden backlight from the morning sunrise reflecting off the DAR Building. Kirby gave us a cute little laugh as she turned towards us after their kiss. The couple took a moment to relax, and sat down on the steps. They both smiled affectionately as the cuddled into each other.Her beautiful blonde curls fall just off her shoulders, as he nuzzles in close.Holding hands as they cuddle on the steps of the DAR Building during the early morning hours of their sunrise session in DC.His chin on her shoulder, they both smile as she looks down at her hand in his.You can tell he loves her by the way he smiles as he nuzzles in close She looks into his eyes, adoring the way he looks into hers. This is what a Couple in Love looks like. Kirby looks up at the camera as she cuddles with Alfred on the steps of the DAR Building in DC.She looks back over her should as they go for a walk past beautiful pink florals. Just like the gentleman he is, Alfred leads her down the steps of the DAR Building as they head over to the garden.A candid moment as they stop for a kiss on their walk by the pink flowers. She rests her hand on his shoulder as she turns towards the camera and laughs.Kirby looks behind her and smiles at Alfred as he holds her close, coming in for a kiss. She rests her hand on his shoulder as they turn into each other, holding one another closely. On their way over to the park, Kirby glances back at the camera and smiles softly, holding hands with her true love.Her hand behind his head, keeping him close as they hold each other and enjoy being in the moment together.With a beautiful smile, she glances up at the camera as they were cuddling up on the steps during the early hours of their sunrise session in washington dc.A candid moment of them staring into each others eyes as they walk towards the garden behind the DAR Building in DC.Elegant flowers of red and yellow lay in front of Kirby and Alfred, as they share an intimate moment standing amongst the elegant pillars of the DAR Constitutional Hall Building. Her red and yellow bouquet in hand; lowered by her side. A candid and intimate moment as they stop for a kiss by the beautiful pink and white florals. Her hand on his bicep as she looks down at her should while he leans in for a romantic moment during their DC Sunrise Session.His hand on her shoulder, standing close behind her. She looks back at him and smiles. They both smile as they sit together, cuddling on the steps by the Pillars of the DAR Constitutional Hall Building in Washington DC. She places her hand on top of his, as his rests on her shoulder. She looks back, deeply in love, as he comes in from behind for a romantic kiss in the park. She gives a coy smile as she turns and looks down behind her shoulder, hand on his neck, as he holds her closely.She holds her yellow and red bouquet behind him, as she runs her fingers through her hair while he smiles lovingly. They look deeply into each others eyes during this romantic and candid moment of their DC Sunrise SessionShe laughs as he whispers softly into her ear while they sit on the steps of DAR Constitutional Hall in Washington DC. They share a bench in the park for a candid moment, snuggling with each other during the romantic sunrise session in Washington DC.She holds her yellow and red florals bouquet down by her side as he comes in for a romantic kiss He puts his arm around her shoulders, making her smile and look up into his eyes. Her blush skirt is complimented by the beautiful pink florals in the background, and the golden sunrise shining amidst the trees.She holds her red and yellow bouquet behind his head as she pulls him close to her. The look so happy as she laughs over her shoulder while Alfred comes in for a kiss. He stands by her side, and looks into her eyes as she cuddles into him in her cute blush skirt and off the shoulder white top.The Couple in Love laugh together, her with the yellow and red flower bouquet in hand, and him as he snuggles into her. She pulls him closer by his collar while they stand together in a romantic moment in the park in Washington DC A candid moment as they close their eyes and close in for a romantic kiss!A close up of her yellow and red floral bouquet, complete with babys breath They look so happy walking and holding hands along the DAR Constitutional Hall, with her bouquet in her other hand.He pulls her close as she holds his hand and smiles. They come in close for an intimate kiss during this candid moment of their sunrise session She glances down at her yellow and red floral bouquet after their romantic kiss in the park The romantic moment when they close their eyes, forehead to forehead, as they enjoy just being in the moment together. Her yellow and red bouquet framing their candid moment as they hold each other and smile.She looks back at him as he stands behind her smiling. The elegant pillars, the beautiful yellow and red florals, the babys breath in vases, and her red and yellow floral bouquet are nothing compared to the love this couple has for one another. Alfred pulls Kirby in closer, her floral bouquet dropping down by her side, and smiles as he comes in for a romantic kiss. The golden light from the beautiful DC Sunrise kisses their hair as they smile together by the pillars of the DAR Constitutional Hall Building. With her floral bouquet, she grabs his hand as they walk through the pillars with the early Washington DC Sunrise setting the stage for their romantic couples session. And just as they thought we weren't paying attention, they share a romantic kiss in this candid momentShe blushes and smiles as he whispers the most romantic I Love You to her Kirby and Alfred snuggle together as they sit on the steps by the Pillars of the DAR building. She looks up at the camera as they snuggle during their early spring morning sunrise session in washington dc. Gently holding her hand in his, he whispers softly, making her blush and smile as she glances over at the camera.

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