One of God’s ultimate creations is a Human body. The human body, a machine that requires energy to function. This source of energy is the food we take. The nutritious food provides the required energy and is helpful for growth, repair of hair and reproduction too.

If you are not getting the required energy, we, at Hair Care Tips have the solution for you to conquer hair loss.

Hair loss can be treated by providing alternate sources of vitamins. Healthy hair growth depends on many factors one of them being essential nutrients, especially vitamins. But due the high-speed of contemporary life, we often indulge into improper dietary habits which affect not only our body shape but also our hair growth. This disregard can also result in hair loss and other hair related concerns.

Some of the essential vitamins required for healthy hair are:

  • vitamin A;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • biotin;
  • inositol;
  • niacin (Vitamin B3);
  • pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5);
  • vitamin B6;
  • vitamin B12.

Vitamins and amino acids are the structural blocks of proteins and enzymes within the body. These substances become even more essential as our body is incapable of synthesizing it from other substances. A strand of hair is an extended protein chain constantly being added to at the root. Hair is not animate, and there is no option for an amino acid or protein to have any enduring effect on the hair health. Henceforth, the vitamins and minerals supplements can improve the health of new hair growth, though the benefit to existing hair is uncorroborated.

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