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February 19, 2018

Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Actually Useful

Wedding gifts are by far the hardest gift to buy. Especially if you don’t know what the new newly wed couple needs! Most couples will create a registry that will make it easier. But what if there is no registry? What do you do then?
Well, we’ve got you covered! We’re sharing a few wedding gift ideas – even some that we received years ago when we got married and still use today!


We were gifted a Keurig as a wedding gift and we still LOVE and use it every single day. It’s one of the best gifts we have ever received. If the couple already has a Keurig, buying the accessories to it is just as good. Like a shelf for the k-cups, or a k-cup filter to make your own ground coffee beans. OR get them boat loads of k-cup coffee. You can’t really lose in this area. It’s a win win all around. If they are not coffee fans, a beautiful tea set would work amazingly well too. We ended up purchasing a tea set a little after we got married that we still use today.

Silver Frame

One of our favorite wedding images is framed in a Martha Stewart Silver Mirrored Frame that we received as a gift. We see it every morning when we wake up. It’s a beautiful frame that we probably would have never purchased ourselves!
Now we know a frame might not seem like much of a gift. Most couple’s aren’t thinking of a frame to buy and when they are, they opt for a cheaper one to fill images with quickly. Taking the time to find a top notch frame is something they will use and cherish forever. If in doubt, go with the classic silver wedding frame. They’ll love it.


Yes, this one may not be on everyone’s budget list to gift. We received a TV as a wedding gift and have been grateful ever since. No one ever thinks about buying one, until you need to! Luckily, we had friends and family that cared about us a lot to help us out with a big ticket purchase. They last pretty much forever and you know it will be something that will be used for family gatherings, friends coming over, or just date nights staying in to watch a movie. The gift will surely be used, maybe more often than the Keurig!

China Ware

The German side of our family brought over beautiful Dutch China that we love and still use. If you keep it simple and clean when you’re picking one with designs, you would be surprised at how often it gets used. It’s something that the couple will use over and over again. Even if it’s only being used for special occasions. Their first Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Birthdays together will be that much sweeter with a thoughtful gift.
Every time we see those dishes, we think of our family that gifted it to us.

Floral Vase

This one probably is overlooked the most as a wedding present! As a married couple, the first year will be spent celebrating lot’s of firsts. And probably spent receiving lots of flowers. We didn’t have a floral vase for those special occasions when roses showed up at the front door. Instead, we were using mugs around the home. Yes, we know it’s a bit ghetto. An amazing family friend of ours saw an image posted of flowers in a mug that we had and sent us the most gorgeous floral vase that we still have and use today.

Every time we see each one of the items that were gifted to us for our wedding, we remember our family and friends surrounding us on the biggest day of our lives. We remember all the joy we felt and all the memories we have created since then.

Whatever gift you do decide to give will be one the couple will be grateful to receive!

Crystal Vase Wedding Gift

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