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July 14, 2015

Tips on Getting Started With a Styled Shoot

Tips on getting started with a styled shoot_BenandSophiaPhotographyWe’re super pumped to collaborate with vendors and delve more into styling this year! It’s been a big goal of ours. We joined Kat at her DSE  Styling workshop. This workshop really gave us hands on experience into styling. There was no greater feeling than having a vision and seeing that vision come to life. We’re now taking on our own styled shoots, one starting in September!  Our goal is to put one on each month, which might be a hefty goal but we’re going to try! The beginning stages of a styled shoot can be the most intimidating. We thought that we would never be able to balance styling and designing when we first started photography. This simply was not true. Once we narrowed things down and organized, putting together a styled shoot wasn’t such a big scary monster after all. 🙂
Don’t let your fear of styled shoots hold you back from getting started with one. We’re showing you step by step how to get started with a styled shoot. You’ll all be styled shoot pros in no time!

1. Reach out to vendors.

As much as we’d like to think we’re super hero’s and can do everything, the reality is we’re human and sometimes we need a little help. It’s possible to put on a styled shoot all on your own, but it’s even better with friends 🙂  The first thing we did was reach out to an event coordinator. If you’re a photographer, florist, baker, calligrapher, venue or rental company, collaborating with an event planner is crucial. Their everyday job is planning and they will be able to provide insight that will help in successfully putting on a styled shoot.

When you’re reaching out to vendors, check to see if they’ll compliment your work, style and vision. It will be more beneficial in the long run especially when you’re bouncing ideas off of each other.


We’re big fans of meeting at Panera for collaboration sessions! Coffee, lunch and dessert all in one! 😀

2.Write down a color scheme, vision, textures.

Having a a design or vision ahead of time is helpful. Having an intricate full-on vision isn’t always necessary. Sometimes starting off small can turn into a grand idea. Going in with a color scheme, texture, or even an image as inspiration can be enough. This is one of the benefits of working with vendors with similar tastes. Once you meet with them, together you can grow a design and style idea. If you plan on publishing your styled shoot, take into consideration what other publishers are looking for. This will also help narrow things down when writing out those ideas.GettingStartedwithAStyledShoot.4

3. Create action items.

During your meeting with the planner, make sure to write down an action item list. A great 2 hour collaboration discussion could fizzle out with no clear tasks defined. You want the momentum to keep building even after the discussion has ended. Task out who will be in charge of contacting the venue, get together an Inspiration Board (if you don’t already have one), set up meeting dates and times to look through inventory you may use. Having these action items will help you catapult into bringing that styled shoot you’ve been envisioning to life. 🙂

We may or may not have ended up going back for more dessert!

We hope these tips help! Happy Styling friends 🙂

Valentines Day Styled Shoot
New Year Eve Styled Shoot

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