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August 28, 2017

The Groom Portrait

We blogged previously about the groom’s details on the wedding day, and this week we’re talking all about the Groom’s portraits.

Most of the time, guys tend to be a bit more camera shy. Just ask Ben! 😀 Portraits aren’t on their mind, especially when it comes to the wedding day. But guys are just as important as the girls on the big day. How often do you get dressed up looking your best?

Guys, you deserve images of how good you look too!

It can feel a little weird getting ready with a camera around, but with a little preparation, it will be a breeze. Trust us! You’re going to want an iconic image of just you looking the best you ever have.

And, your bride and family will love them, too! We’re sharing a quick “reader’s digest” version of our rundown on how we approach getting ready with the guys on wedding day.

 Window Light

We start off by finding a window to get ready near, in order to get that window light effect in images. You took the time to look your best, so we take the time to capture you in the best light.

With the window light, it essentially acts as a large soft box, diffusing the light in the room. This creates flattering and even tones throughout your images. If window light is not available, we can create our own light by utilizing off camera flash.

A Clean Background

 We prep the space ahead of time by moving any stray bags, hangers, water bottles, chairs, and any distractions out of the way so that we have a clean background to work with.

A clean distraction-free background keeps all the focus on you. Typically, the Groom is already in his dress shirt and pant suit by the time portraits begin. The groom’s details are captured in the beginning of the day, and portrait time is for grabbing the in-between shots like putting on your tie or bow-tie, putting on your jacket, your watch, cuff links and boutonnieres.

Then, we move on to capturing portraits of just the groom. We capture a few iconic portraits we believe every groom should have.

One tip we share with our grooms is to have the groomsmen ready and dressed ahead of time. This makes the group images look even more flawless and fluid as we capture the day.

After the iconic portraits and group images are captured, we’re off to capture the First Look!


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