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July 12, 2017

The Compound Effect | BSP Bookworms

If you’re looking for a life changing book, then look no further! Author Darren Hardy shares an extremely effective yet simple solution to reaching your goals and making change happen in your life. It all has to do with your habits, routines, and your attitude towards life. While there is so much we took away from the book, we learned that our habits and our daily routines are what holds us back when it comes to achieving some of our goals.

The Compound Effect

Most of us are working a day job, from 9-5 or somewhere close to the hours. Maybe it is less hours or maybe it is more. We wake up and go through the motions of our day and have habits that we have formed over the years.  Some of the habits we might not even know have formed! We surf our phones for 45 minutes in the morning checking Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram feeds. We spend our lunch breaks gossiping about others. And many of us come home to binge watch TV before bed every night.

That 45 minutes of social media browsing, 1 hour of gossiping, and 4-5 hours of TV watching does not seem like much at first. But add that time over a course of 5 days. That is 26.75 hours of your time. Now if you did that math for a year those hours would add up to approximately 54 days or almost 7 1/2 weeks in ONE YEAR spent on TV, social media, and gossip! Crazy, right??

What if we instead spent that time learning a new skill? Even for just one hour a day, over time this compounds and soon a new skill will have been mastered! That skill, in turn, will enhance your resume and move you into a bigger and better position that could earn you more income. See how the effects from that just grew? Imagine how much you could achieve just be making simple changes in your daily life. Let’s be real. The TV, gossip, and Facebook feeds do not help in the long run. If anything, it only hurts us.

This and many more AHA moments came from what Darren shared in the book. We are happy to say that we have not turned on our TV in over a month! Instead we invested that time meeting a new wedding vendor, creating html coding to help our website, research SEO changes we can make, work on our photography skill set, creating our social media calendar for the month, and continuing our education through online courses. Cutting out TV allowed us to get so much more done! Yes, it is tiresome. And no, it is not always glamorous; but it DOES create results and over time, it increases our skill set.

We highly recommended you go run and grab a copy for yourself. You’ll end up keeping it forever to go back to. Darren even included worksheets to help you track your progress and assess your goals. It will change your life!
Darren also has an email newsletter where he sends out 3-5 minutes instructional videos of him teaching you ways to improve yourself. And it’s totally free! We sound like an advertising ad for Darren, but we really believe in the book and his teachings. Sign up for it, it contains amazing content.

The Compound Effect written by author Darren Hardy

Looking for a copy of your own? Follow the link by clicking on the image below!
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