The best way to choose hair dye is my post today. Selection of hair dye should be done with caution, especially for those of you a woman. Because if one vote can make the appearance does not match those in want. For women who like the style and fashion styles certainly no stranger to the hairstyle.

But do not let one choose hair color, would be fatal to your own. Choose the type of dye used, Customize your look and your hairstyle. So that no long-term effects that are harmful to your health, use only best hair straightener for damaged hair. Therefore you must know how to choose the hair color matches the color of your skin. Therefore, whatever things you should consider before choosing a hair color/hair color to enhance your appearance?. Below are some factors you should consider carefully before buying and using a hair dye. Here are tips on the best way to choose hair dye.

Customize the Leather Color

The best way to choose the first hair dye is adjust the color of your skin. Note the correct color of your skin before you choose a hair color that you want. Do not let the color of your choice makes you look more pale or dull.

For example, if you have brown skin or a tan, you can choose the color of brown hair, blonde, or red wine. Avoid bright colors like gold, bronze or grayish-white can make you look pale.

But conversely, if you were white, you can choose the color of golden hair to make you look more glamorous. Or a dark brown color which further clarifies your skin color.
Determine the hair color that matches the color of skin does a little be a challenge, especially for first-time hair coloring. One of the easiest ways to customize the hair color and skin color is by attaching a brightly colored cloth or clothes to the facial skin, it will be visible or not in accordance with your skin color.
Take one colored shirt, orange for example, and wear the clothes or the lift to the face. If the faces appear bright and shining, it means you have a warm skin tone. Colors like brown, copper or red mahogany will suit you and give the impression of harmony with these colors.
Meanwhile, if the color purple or blue that makes your face look brighter, it means you have a cool skin tone. So you can choose colors like purple or purplish red to your hair color.
Hair color that its standards are in the skin of the face. If clothing or fabric attached to make the face look dull or darker, it means the color is not appropriate for you, then you can choose other colors to suit your skin.

In accordance with Model Hair, Hair Styles

Although the model’s hair (hairstyle) hair is not too significant, but before choosing a hair color, there is a good idea to note the condition of your hair now.
For example, if your curly hair, cut short and white would be better to choose the color of dark brown hair. And if you are short hair, avoid only to highlight the causes of hair color will not change the appearance. While those of you who have long hair, you can highlight the hair around the face or choosing hair color by staining total.

Types of Hair

Knowing your hair type before choosing a hair color/hair dye is a very important thing. Is your hair type is oily, dry, or normal?
This is so exactly the color of your hair when you are exposed to light. If your hair is oily, avoid choosing hair color light because if you do not have time to tidy up the appearance, you can look duller than the hair color is softer.

Hair dye ingredients

Choosing a coloring agent before you choose a hair color/hair dye is a step that needs to be done. If you have not accustomed to color your hair yourself, you can do in the salon. But if you will do yourself, use safe dyes. You can choose the color of the hair salon-quality example. Or buy a coloring material of cosmetic products (beauty) which is quality. Avoid selecting hair dye/hair color of the dye sold cheap or just for prestige alone. Make sure the hair color and dye hair dye you choose to change your appearance to be more beautiful and charming.