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June 5, 2017

Benefits of a Sunrise Session

Lately, we have really been enjoying our time in Washington DC for engagement sessions, surprise proposals, anniversary sessions, and especially Sunrise Sessions! We have been there so much these past few weeks that it’s almost starting to feel like our second home! 🙂

We barely get traffic around the Fredericksburg area, and usually our “rush hours” are manageable. City traffic can be a headache, particularly when you get stuck on I-95! That is why we love the Sunrise hours when we schedule sessions in DC!

It allows us to wake up early enough to beat the 95 traffic and so it takes us half the time to get there! This also helps us beat the crowds. With little to no bystanders threatening to photobomb images of our sweet couples, the sessions tend to feel more candid and intimate.

Not to mention, parking is a breeze with barely any cars around! We are always looking for clean backgrounds so that the focus remains on our couples, and so having less people and less cars around helps!  This contributes to a more relaxing time as it cuts down on background distractions.

It is the perfect blend. The light is gorgeous and glowy, and you get the beautiful Big City architecture and uniqueness of DC. All without the typical hustle and bustle! By the time the session is finished, it is breakfast time and another round of fresh coffee! 😀

Having sunrise sessions allows us to quicken our post processing time. We are able to get a sneak peek up earlier in the day since we are able to download the images from our cards sooner! It also gives our couples a chance to share their peeks sooner too. 🙂

Madison and Jessie laughing at eachother as they sit together at the fountains during their Washington DC Engagement Session just before sunset.

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