The causes of hair loss in men are a bit different than women. Seeking expert advice is easier with Hair care tips as we can provide hair care tips for both men and women as under:

Male Hair Loss

Are you one of those men who is facing hair loss problems?

Sensitivity of hair follicles over DHT

Male hair loss is normally caused by factors like heredity, hormones and age. One of the main causes of the male hair loss is androgens (male sex hormones). If any part of scalp is more sensitive to androgens then it starts losing hair from that part. Male sex hormones are the hormones that circulate in their blood. And this results in the shrinking of hair follicles.


Few men start losing their hair in the early 20s or late 30s.
Another reason behind male hair loss is heredity. This male hair loss is being transferred from generation to generation. Either father or mother or both may transfer this male hair loss to their children. Child receives this hair loss problem from their father and in turn transfer this to his young ones.

Female Hair Loss

Statistics show that around 25 million American women are facing female hair loss problems and it is generally caused by emotional distress they encounter.

It is not inherited genes but is temporary metabolic problems like pregnancy, surgery, infection, deficiency of thyroid hormone, extensive stress, or poor diets that cause female hair loss.

Some of the most common causes of female hair loss are:


It is also known as habitual hair pulling. Trichotillomania causes typically patchy hair loss, as habitual hair pulling is restricted to selected areas and it in turn creates patches. Treatment of this type of hair loss can be achieved if all the psychological reasons are addressed effectively.

Triangular alopecia

The causes behind this type of hair loss are not known. This occurs when there is some loss of hair in temporal areas during childhood. The affect is unpredictable as hair loss can be complete or results in thinning of hairs. The treatment of this type can be achieved by medical or surgical methods.


Ageing is the most common factors of human hair loss as increased age affects the hair follicles to shrink and its increased sensitivity on DHT.

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