Makeup is an art. We can learn art to be perfect at it. A single line at the end of your eyes called wing can change your whole look. You need to be very careful when doing makeup. Do not think ever that nobody will notice mistakes in your makeup. In makeup, small things make big noticeable differences. Makeup can change your age, facial features, looks and impacts whole personality. Your aim should not be to just apply makeup. You should apply them in way that it can cover up your imperfections and on the same time can enhance your features. Some tips and tricks for perfect daily makeup are as follows.

Start off with a Good Foundation

Foundation forms the base of your makeup. Applying foundation is the first step in making your canvas ready. Foundations are of many types. Choose the one which goes best with your face complexion. If you have oily skin, go for water-based foundations. If you have dry skin then you have two options. One is to apply a good moisturizer before applying your foundation or use a B.B Cream. B.B stands for blemish balm cream. This is a foundation works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and a blemish treatment as well. This was invented by Chinese for acne prone or dry skin. After China, it has become very popular in Europe too. Apply your foundation with a foundation brush because brush will give you the smoothest application.

Conceal Redness and Marks

Concealer is applied after foundation. Do not apply to your whole face unless necessary. Do spot treatment instead. Apply small dots of concealer and dab it with your fingers into the skin on any scars and on the area of your face that gets red easily. If you have severe acne scaring then you can use a green concealer. On top of green concealer, you have to apply foundation again to neutralize green color.

Eye Primer

Eye primer is important for two reasons. First of all, it gives a base your eyes for eyeshadows. Secondly, it will make your eyeshadows stay for longer period of time. Eye primer is applied on upper eye portion and on the dark circles as well. Gently dab it with your finger as the skin on around your eyes is very sensitive.

Compactor Loose Powder

After applying foundation, concealer and primer, apply a compact or loose powder on your whole face. If you are looking for a light coverage then use a kabuki brush to dust little loose powder on whole face. If you want an extra coverage then use a puff and softly dab the powder into your skin. This will also help to fill indent scarring. Powdering your face has two benefits. First of all, it will mattify your face. Secondly, it will blend the foundation, concealer and the primer together.


For natural everyday makeup, take a neutral color palette. Slightly dark neutral color is applied on the outer corners of the eye and all the way in to give shape to your eyes. Use a white color eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of your eyes as it will give you dimension to your eyes. Apply a light colored eyeshadow to the middle part of your eyes. When it comes to eyeshadows, remember blending is the trick.

Tightline your Eyes

For a natural everyday look, try tight inning your eyes instead of using an eyeliner. Tight limning means lining the upper waterline of your eyes with black eye pencil. It will give an illusion of fuller healthier lashes. If you want to apply liner too then apply a thin black liner too and see the difference in lashes.


Neutral looking lips always look naturally beautiful. Try using a color that matches your skin tone. If you do not like skin colored lipsticks then try using very Sheer lipsticks of any color that looks best on you. The good thing about sheer lipstick is that it does not hide your natural lip color. It enhances the natural color of your lips by adding little shine and color.