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August 9, 2017

Photographer’s Review of the Nikon D750

If you know us, we have been on Team Nikon since day one. We have yet to be disappointed with their products that we have come across. The Nikon D750 is no different. This light weight, full frame machine is well built.

We were excited to learn that the sensor is actually the same sensor as the Nikon D610 body. It is just redesigned for better image quality. Sharp, crisp images are what we aim for in images and the redesigned sensor helps us capture just that!

Light Weight

As a wedding photographer, we’re on our feet for 10+ hours of the day, hauling heavy equipment and bags around as you go. It’s almost like an intense workout but lot’s of fun, great food and dancing is involved. 😀

When we looked at the different models, we knew we wanted a lightweight camera body that could fit in our hands. Extra weight can be rough when handling, especially when we load the larger lenses and speedlights onto the cameras.

Wi-Fi Capability

With built-in WiFi capability, the D750 made us even more excited to One-Up our game even more!

After a wedding, our work isn’t over. We want the images to be backed up and stored as quickly as possible. With the WiFi built into our new cameras, we have the ability to download the images immediately onto external hard drives by wireless connections!

This is a huge bonus for us, especially when we have out-of-state weddings. What a relief, to know that those precious moments during the wedding are securely saved right away, instead of waiting to get home!

24 Megapixels

Space on our hard drives and computers can sometimes be an issue when shooting in RAW. We love that the D750 captures photographs in 24 MP. It’s enough to get the image quality you need for canvas images. But not so big to eat away at disk space. We’ve found with shooting weddings and commercial photography, 24MP is the perfect balance between high quality images and file size.

If you’re a photographer looking for your new camera, we would highly recommend the Nikon D750 full frame camera body.

If you’re still not convinced, try renting or heading to your nearest authorized Nikon dealer to try it out for yourself. We end up finding the best equipment that works for us by seeing a Nikon representative and holding the equipment in our hands.

Purchase your own D750 here:Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body (note this is an affiliate link)

Nikon D750 Camera Body

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