Today i will post about natural way to grow hair. Did you bald? Or you are experiencing hair loss? You may experience as above. Baldness and hair loss can Happen to anyone. Both men and women. In Addition to one’s age, health Generally Will was in decline. as well as hair also Will Decrease strength.

Natural way to grow hair has much to do. How many people who want to have a strong and beautiful hair, how much money has been issued by the desire of the above. Many ways to grow hair, in addition to chemicals also exist in a natural way. With a natural event, less side effects compared with using chemical means, perhaps even with no side effects at all.

You have a problem with the hair on your head then you’ve found the right article because this article will be reviewed in some natural way to grow hair to grow hair. Remember hair is your crown. There are many products that promise to beautiful and healthy hair. But, before buying such products, you should consider it because there are natural ways to grow hair. Please try a natural way to grow hair below. Is no less effective way to make hair grow faster.

  • Green tea

These herbs are very good for hair growth. The content of antioxidants contained in them is very high, making the blood circulation to the hair the better, but it also serves to make more rapid growth and healthy hair.

How: Brewed green tea and apply on the scalp and the hair and then wrap the hair with a towel, allow up to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

  • Apple skin

Apple skin has a few vitamins that can increase blood circulation to the scalp, but it can grow hair perfectly. Fruits are rich in polyphenols can overcome the problem of hair loss also makes the hair more healthy and nutritious.

How: Puree apple skin then put on the hair, leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

  • Ginkgo biloba

Plants originating from China is famous for treating some diseases. One of them is to overcome the loss of hair, gingko biloba works to stimulate hair growth and strengthens the hair shaft.

How: Gingko biloba by rubbing oil on the hair and scalp, this oil can be in pharmacies or drug stores China.