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July 3, 2015

Mo’s First Beach Trip

We just got back from our road trip to North Carolina and are winding down getting settled back in our home in VA. Every year, we’ve planned a beach trip for our wedding anniversary (this was year 3 for us!).  It’s starting to become a tradition now. This year was the first year we did things a little differently. We took our Chion mix, Mo with us!! We adopted Mo in the middle of July last year and it’s been such a grand adventure having him in our family (see Mo’s adventures on Instagram here, follow along with #mothechion!) As you know, Mo basically goes every where with us. He’s been to the Car Wash, Lowes, Home Goods, basically any where we can take him! So when we were planning to get away for a few days, we know we had to take him with us. Guys, we don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we’ve gotten pretty good at this 😀
Lucky for us, Mo has always been amazing with car rides. He pretty much lays down and goes to sleep once we are in the car. Since the ride was going to be a few hours, we decided to crate him to keep him safe. One of the best things we have done is to keep the crate out in the open at home with blankies. We have done this ever since the day we adopted him so he has never been afraid of it in case we needed it in situations like this.
While planning our trip, we called ahead of time to search for hotels and checked for dog friendly beaches to make sure he was allowed first. You would be surprised at how many beaches actually allow dogs! During our search, we specifically looked for beaches that allowed dogs all  year round. Once we had our reservations, we started planning for the long trip there!
For the car ride, we planned to make stops ahead of time at rest areas for potty breaks and to take Mo on walks and to stretch our legs. Any store or place we knew we would stop at, we would call ahead of time to see if they allowed dogs. Many of the places allowed Mo inside as long as he was in the purse. Mo loves being a purse dog (he almost has more purses than Sophia!) and it’s been quite a blessing.
When we arrived at the beach, we had Mo with us at all times.  The only time we both couldn’t be with Mo was during breakfast at the hotel.  One of us planned to stay with him while the other went to get what we needed and we ate outside with Mo. Most food places won’t allow dogs due to health codes (unless it’s a service dog). We knew this going into our trip so we meal prepped ahead of time at the grocery store before we left for our trip and planned for drive thru and take out places to have Mo with us.
Mo absolutely LOVED the sand!! He ran in it and played. He wasn’t so fond of the waves as much, but he did venture into the water.
We’re pretty ecstatic he did so well on the trip. We’ll have to plan on taking many more with him 🙂

We didn’t take our cameras this trip. Our intention was to really enjoy our time together. These are the moments we captured with our phones so please excuse the quality!



Mo was loving on the sand so much he kept getting it all over his face! 😀


Exhausted after the trip and spending the day at the beach.


We all toured Jockey’s Ridge State Park  and watched the sunset over the dunes. <3


The view over the dunes. So breathtaking to see so much sky!


Mo needed another power nap. 😀



Hotels that allow dogs is the most ingenious idea ever.


Enjoying the sounds of the waves and the view.


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