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Mo the Chion

July 20, 2015

Mo’s Adoption Anniversary

It’s officially been one whole year since we adopted our Chion mix Mo! We cannot believe it! It feels like just a few months ago when we made the 6 hour trip to North Carolina to meet his cute little self. We were so excited to bring in a new member of the family but SOO nervous he may not like us! We remember when we arrived, we were greeted by the volunteer who said “you must be the one’s from Virginia!” Our hearts were POUNDING at this point. We remembered being put in a room. We were staring at each other not knowing what to expect.  And then they brought in Mo. The volunteer put him on the ground and he immediately jumped into Ben’s lap and laid down. We just MELTED over him. Mo was already part of the family within seconds of meeting.  He literally stayed in our arms for the entire adoption process. During the long ride home, Mo just slept in our laps. We remember at going to Petsmart and buying every possible pet product out there. We had never owned our own little dog before! We laugh now at the memory of us carrying arm loads of goodies for Mo.  He has brought so much joy into our life over the past year. On our roughest day, he’s always there to greet us with this immense amount of love, as much as his little 10 pound body can give. Every morning we wake up to his little feet hitting the floor and his tail wagging. We really don’t know how we were living without him our whole lives!
Mo has accumulated more squeaky toys than you can imagine, he has his own little closet of sweaters, and his own purse collection. To say he’s spoiled would be an under statement 😀 . We didn’t know it then, but Mo was actually rescuing US. We cannot even begin to explain how much joy and love Mo has to give. It’s hard to have a bad day with such an adorable happy face staring at you wanting to play or to be pet. 🙂
Here’s to many more years with the cutest Chion pup we have ever seen.  <3

Mo'sOneYearAdoption_MotheChion_BenandSophiaPhotography_VirginiaPhotographersMo'sOneYearAdoption_MotheChion_BenandSophiaPhotography_VirginiaPhotographers-3Mo'sOneYearAdoption_MotheChion_BenandSophiaPhotography_VirginiaPhotographers-2Mo'sOneYearAdoption_MotheChion_BenandSophiaPhotography_VirginiaPhotographers-5SEE THE STORY MO:
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Meet Mo!!

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