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August 14, 2017

Mo The Chion Turns Four Years Old | A Dog’s Birthday Party

Mo The Chion’s 4th Birthday!

Where has the time gone?? It feels like we just picked up Mo from the rescue just yesterday. He’s still as cute as can be and we can’t help but to squeal a little bit every time we see him.

He’s so FLUFFY!

Since he can’t play or run around as much anymore due to his leg, food has become his next best love. Mo’s favorite thing right now is eating ice cream.

Don’t worry! We’re not feeding him just any old ice cream, he’s getting puppy ice cream. That’s right. You heard us. They make ice cream just for dogs!

It’s mainly peanut butter but he still loves it! We’re going to be loading up on pup cakes and ice cream today to celebrate the cutest face we have ever seen.

Here’s a few extremely cute pictures for you to squeal over too.

P.S. Are we the only people who celebrate their dog’s birthdays? Help us out and tell us we aren’t the only ones! 😀

Mo’s 4th Birthday Pictures

Dog birthday party ideas Mo the Chion turns four years oldMo the Chion turns four years oldMo the Chion turns four years old

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