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May 3, 2017

Getting to Know Your Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is a very personal matter.  Really for that matter, hiring any wedding vendor is. Weddings are such an emotional and intimate event and it is important to be able to trust your vendors. This is especially important in regards to your wedding photographer, as they are often the one vendor that will be there with you on your wedding day, from beginning to end.

They are there from the getting ready portion of the day, to the intimate first look, to the joyous reception. It gives you a better piece of mind knowing you feel like your vendors are a great match for you and your vision. The right fit helps to make you feel more comfortable, just like a nice pair of shoes.
While we share a peek into our lives on social media every now and then, there is so much about us that we do not share.
So, we are doing something a little different on our post today: we are sharing 10 things about us so that you get to know who we really are as people, not just as wedding photographers.

10 Things about Ben and Sophia

1. Ben is a Musician

At the age of 12, Ben got his first guitar and has been playing and composing music ever since. He still owns that very first guitar.

2. Sophia Had Always Wanted to Be an Artist Growing Up

Sophia has been a fan of art since grade school. Our home is dotted with her natural creativity and keen eye for decorating. Canvas paintings and resurfaced furniture pieces are just the tip of the iceberg.

3. Our Creative Childhoods Helped Lead Us to

4. We Started Photography Together in 2012

After we both worked day jobs that we didn’t find fulfilling, we went back to what made us happiest as kids — creativity. Sophia signed up for a photography course in January and came home excited to share what she had learned. Ben was enchanted by her newly exposed (photography-pun intended 🙂 ) energy, and together they helped each other learn. Ben was the subject in the beginning stages of our photography journey. Now he is behind the lens more than he is in front!

5. We Have Green Thumbs

For the past 4 years we have experimented with our creativity by tending to our little garden. We have been successful in growing lavender, mums, and tulips.

6. We Are Both Book Worms

Ben is usually reading up on meteorology or ancient history and you can find Sophia diving into a business books.

7. We Live in a Small Studio Apartment

We have lived in a very small studio for the past 4 years and we love to redecorate as the seasons change throughout the year.

8. We Have a Goal to Visit a Beach Every Year

Each year we challenge ourselves to choose a beach we have never before visited. It started with our honeymoon as we were enjoying an evening stroll to catch the sunset at Sunset Beach. Before we leave, we collect the sand as a keepsake for our tradition. Right now, they are sitting in plastic bottles. We’re still figuring out how to store them in creative way to display.

9. We are BIG fans of Coffee and Tea.

Right now, Rostovs in Richmond, Va is our favorite place for the best tasting coffee and teas.

10. Mo the Chion Has His Own Purse

Our dog Mo is like our baby and he loves being carried around in a purse. We take him everywhere with us!


Ben and Sophia posing together at the DAR Constitution Hall Building during a couples session in Washington DC at Sunrise. BSP

Of course, we HAD to take Mo the Chion along with us so we could take a family portrait

See more of Mo’s adventures on instagram: follow along with #MoTheChion

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