Megan fox hair is silky, super shiny. She usually keeps them dead straight. However, she has been also seen seldom in messy untied hair. Her fans adore her long tresses flowing. Whatever hairstyle she makes, her hair is always black and very shiny. The biggest, darkest and the uncovered secret behind her hair shine is care. Off course! What else did you expect? Beauty takes a lot of effort. Even if you are blessed with those flattering hair you have to care and invest on them time to time to maintain its shine. There is no other secret behind that beautiful hair. Now, if you are finding ways to make your hair that much healthy then below are some tips to follow but remember you will not be able to get shiny long hair overnight unless you use a hair iron especially if they are damaged or short. You need patience for it.

Do Not Sleep With Wet Hair

Do not sleep when your hair are wet because wet hair are weaker hair and when you will toss in your bed at night they are going to break very easily as they are wet and weak. Make them dry with a towel and air dry them first so that chances for breakage during sleep could be reduced to minimum. If you are in hurry then blow dry your hair on low heat before sleeping.

Do not Untangle your Hair When Wet

I have seen many girls who like to comb their hair just after taking bath because they believe that doing so will make their hair become straight. Maybe it will, but this trick will make more damages then benefits. Again, because hair is weaker when they are wet it will break easily if you are going to brush them. Wait till they dry up to 80 %.

Condition Your Hair

It is very essential to condition them at least once in a week after shampooing. Try good quality conditioner which suits your hair. If you want to avoid those extra dollars spent on conditioner then you can use home remedies as well. One of the weirdest hair conditioner available in your fridge all the time is mayonnaise.  Yes! It works. You can also use a mashed banana to moisturize your hair. Egg yolk with yogurt is also a good conditioner. Try them and see which works best for you.

Avoid Dyeing

Dyeing causes serious irreversible damages to your hair if it is done frequently. Avoid dyeing your hair. If you have black hair and you want to lighten them up a bit then use honey wax on your hair. It is natural hydrogen peroxide that bleaches your hair and lightens its coloration. It is not as fast as dyeing but you will get the results after using it third time. It will dye your hair without any damages.


Do not leave your hair untied when you are working in the kitchen, doing other chores, sleeping or in blowing wind. These will increase the chances of getting your hair tangled. Tangle hair can break easily so avoid leaving them untied all the time. Do loose braiding instead. Especially when you are sleeping try sectioning your hair from the middle all the way to the back of your head and make two loose braid. You can also make a ponytail if you don’t want to braid.

Dos and Don’ts for Blow-Drying and Ironing

If you want to blow-dry or iron your hair then learn some dos and don’ts for them. Always apply a heat protection serum before blow-drying or ironing. Do not iron a part of your hair again and again. Let them cool down then iron again. Try blow-drying on low heat. Do not use these too often especially if you are facing hair fall problem. After ironing or blow-drying apply vitamin-E serum to make them shinier.