Selena Gomez has natural curls that look absolutely adorable. A lot of women these days are running after straight hair. They try harsh products and heat to make hair straight. They spend so much in order to get straight shiny hair. They do not realize that curly hair looks super romantic and gives a soft look to personality. Girls should learn to embrace their natural beauty. Curly hair makes your hair look voluminous even if they are not. This is also a fact that curls make your hair length look shorter. Even this is good because you can give several looks to yourself like loosening up those curls a little bit so they look longer.

Above celebrities, Selena Gomez has soft, healthy and natural curls. Her curls make her look sweet, romantic and soft. Hair can be curled in many ways. You can use a heated curler, rollers, curling rods or even a piece of cloth or paper. The best and effective way of curling, in my opinion, is the curling rod. They are effective, super quick and do not require heat.

Products for Curly Hair

There are many curling products available in the market like creams that can help you style your hair into curls with the help of a round brush. For this purpose, gels are also available. Those gels that hold the curls in their place are very effective and helpful. You should take their help if you want to keep your hair curly for longer periods of time.

Curling Irons

Curling iron is also a good way to curl your hair. But if your hair is damaged and have split ends then you should avoid heat and chemicals. You can use curling irons when you are in a hurry and you have not recently used hair straightening iron. Curling iron is time-saving but not long lasting. Curling iron can also damage your hair if used very frequently.


This is the most oldest and traditional way of curling hair. These were largely used and modified by the French revolution. Today, there are different types of rollers available in the market. They all give different results. Large rollers are used to give volume to hair. Small rollers give tight and small curls. Play around with these rollers and find out which one gives you best results. This process also requires heat because you have to dry out your hair after securing rollers. Otherwise, you will feel very uneasy and you cannot sleep wearing them.

Paper Bag or Stripes of Cloth

Using paper bag or stripes of cloth to curl hair is the safest and cheapest of all the methods used to curl hair. This method is largely used in Asia. To curl your hair with the help of paper bag cut the bag into long stripes. Then make your hair wet by spraying water. Part your hair in small sections. Take a small section of your hair, wrap it around the paper bag stripes all the way up to the scalp and then tie a knot to secure the paper bag in hair. Do the same with all of your hair sections. Let your hair dry. You can do this at night so that you can sleep after securing stripes. Untie stripes of paper bag next morning and your perfect curls are ready. Use your finger in your hair to make them lose and style them up. Same process can be done with rectangular strips of cloth.

Hair Flattening Iron as a Curler

You do not have to purchase anything to curl your hair if you have a flattening iron. Very few people know that there flattening iron can also be used as a curler. Investing in a good hair flattening iron will be good and cost cheaper as it will be a multipurpose product. The trick is holding the section of your hair between the iron, wrap it around one of the clappers and slide it down slowly. You will get perfect loose romantic curls just like Selena Gomez without spending a penny if you had an iron.