These are common questions and comments we get about hair. Maybe you cut your hair short or maybe it doesn’t grow like it used to. How do you make your hair grow out faster and healthier? HAIR VITAMINS!!!


Your hair is made up of protein chains. These protein chains are held together with a sulfur/cystine bond.

Since most of the hair is protein and water it is important to understand what hair needs to make these complex protein chains. Here is the answer!

B group of vitamins, amino acids and certain minerals such as zinc. The protein chain itself is mainly the amino acids but to form the chains of the proteins the minerals and b group of vitamins as needed.

The most natural form of these amino acids and b vitamins come from anything green that you eat such as green leafy lettuce, spinach, kale since these contain chlorophyll. And remember that chlorophyll is the beginning of life. Plant-based proteins are much more effective since they have living enzymes that the body needs. Most vitamins that you buy have been processed and this kills the living enzymes that the body needs.

For example: The reason that raw fruits and vegetables are so important to the body is that of the live enzymes and nutrition. When you cook the same vegetables and fruits the nutrition value to the body goes way down.

Therefore we suggest that you look for a hair vitamin that has all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids (especially Cystine amino acid) because it is so abundant in the hair. AND most importantly the vitamin should have chlorophyll in it.

There are several hair vitamins on the market with chlorophyll. The hair vitamin that has dominated the market is HAIR NUTRITION.

We hope that this helps you to understand what your hair needs. Remember that Hair vitamins work well on new hair growth. Shampoos, conditioners and treatments work on existing hair to repair what perms, relaxers, hair coloring and other chemical treatments destroy.