Today I will post about hair anatomy. Notice all parts of your skin. Hair grows in almost all parts, except the palms of the hands and feet, eyelids, and lips. Perhaps, some of us who secretly do not like the hair on our bodies. However, we do not recommend to cut down our hair, because the function of hair is not for mere beauty.

The hair on the head keeps us warm. Hair (sometimes we call fur) in the nose, ears, and around the eyes to protect these organs from dust and other particles. Eyebrows and eyelashes protect the eyes by reducing light and particles that may hit the organ of vision.

Likewise, the fine hairs in the body that provides warmth and protection for the skin. How does the hair anatomy please see picture below:

  1. Hair shafts is the hair that came out of and above the skin surface.
  2. Arrector pili muscle is a small muscle attached to hair follicles.
  3. Sebaceous gland or oil glands are microscopic glands which serves release sebum (oil) and serve as protection against germs.
  4. Hair follicle is a small sac where the roots of the hairs are located.
  5. Hair bulb is the root of a bloated and contains active cells that form the hair.
  6. Hair Papilla is the part that was in the bottom and served follicles receive nutrients from the follicle. This is where the real hair grows. When cells grow and produce keratin to harden the structure, the cells were driven out of the follicles and then appears on the surface of the skin as the hair shaft.

Each hair has three layers, namely the medulla in the soft in the center, encircling the medulla and cortex is a major part of hair, as well as the cuticle is a hard exterior and the duty to protect the hair shaft.