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January 15, 2018

Extreme You Book Review

We love the feeling of renewed hope, new desires, and beginnings when January starts. Even into the third week of the month, it’s still a new year and a new day to start something new. If you’re still in need of a boost to kick start your year, we are telling (not asking, telling) you to read “Extreme You” by Sarah Robb O’ Hagan.

If you do not know who Sarah is, first Google her. She’s amazing and her background is incredible. Currently the CEO of Flywheel sports, she is killing it in when it comes to living to her highest potential.
While we found a passion in photography years ago, we knew we could be playing to our strengths a way more (thanks to Sarah and her book).

Feeling Lost is a Good Thing

While Instagram, Facebook, and blogs make everyone seem like they are living the perfect lives, most are not. More than likely, they have felt lost or are lost. It is okay to feel lost. It’s an indicator to finding the true you and tapping into Extreme You.
We didn’t know it 12 years ago starting off at Subway and Kings Dominion as our first jobs, would lead us down a path to owning our own business. We also didn’t know there would be hurdles along the way. Who knew that a background in defense, real estate, and even building management would lead us here? Not in a million years could we have guessed it. BUT that’s what playing to your strengths does. It shows you untapped potential you never knew that was there before.

After four years of wedding photography and coming across Sarah’s “Extreme You” approach, we began to ask the question “what’s next?” What else can we play our strengths to? What else can we learn? What else can we do that will make us better than we were the day before?

Now let’s be clear, BSP is not going anywhere.

In order for us to grow, we have to ask ourselves these questions. What MORE can we do? If we don’t ask ourselves these questions, we start to feel stagnant, and stagnant has never been a good enough place for us to stay.

The Best Version of You, The Extreme You

The world we are living in allows us to have untapped potential. To literally be and do whatever it is that we want. So why do we limit ourselves to what others are telling us to say and do? For us, it was the fear of failing. People are always willing to give you reasons why you should NOT quit your job, or why you should STAY in the stable choice. But what about the reasons you should quit? What about the why’s to taking a risk?
Life isn’t about stable choices. Otherwise we would not have advanced as a human species the way we over the past few decades.
Life is about bringing out the best in us. Even if that means facing fear head on. To be honest, we still face fear head on, on a daily basis. But the difference is, we know our strengths. We know were our specialties lies.
It’s not where OTHERS think WE belong, it’s where WE decide where WE WANT to be.

Are you asking yourself these questions? Do you know what is next for you? Are you even playing to your own strengths right now? If not, what would it take for you to start playing to our own strengths today? What would it take to start playing your own specialist game? Now is the time that you start. Take this book along with you for the ride as you ask yourself these questions. Let it be your road map to becoming the most Extreme Version of You.
The world does not need another Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, or Mark Zuckerberg.
The world needs you.
The BEST version of you.

Extreme You Step Up Stand Out Kick Ass Repeat authored by Sarah Robb O'Hagan

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