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September 4, 2017

Coden and Alejandra | DC Surprise Proposal

Coden emailed us about a surprise proposal she had in mind and wanted a little help pulling it off. She had been with Alejandra for a year and was getting ready to get shipped for the military. We had planned for over a week to get all the details just right! Coden wanted the perfect spot in D.C. to propose to WOW her future bride to be.

City Center DC

Under the twinkling lights of City Center DC, she envision the moment happening. We helped gather roses for Coden as to make sure that Alejandra had no idea something was up! As they both finished up dinner, we waited with cameras in hand ready to capture the moment.

Right as the sun set and the lights of City Center DC flooded the alley, we saw Alejandra and Coden walking towards us hand in hand. She had no idea what was about to ensue!

The Surprise Proposal

Coden led Alejandra to the roses that were placed on the ground, Alejandra surprised turned to look at Coden. We could tell she didn’t know what was happening. We were already capturing them as they strolled towards the roses. We started to inch closer as Coden bend down on one knee and asked Alejandra the question of a life time.

“Will you Marry Me?”

Alejandra was surprised and breathless! She immediately said yes! You could immediately tell how much they adored each other. They stood holding hands in an emotional moment. There was a moment when Coden pointed out that she had hired us as photographers and Alejandra looked on and laughed as we approached the two.

Luckily, we dodged the crowds and everything fell in place beautifully. You would not be able to tell from the images but there was a AnimeCons convention going on and a storm was fast approaching! Luckily, we dodged the crowds and everything fell in place beautifully.

It was such a huge honor to capture such a joyous love these two shared. The more we photograph surprise proposals, the more we love them even more.


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