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March 15, 2017

BSP Has A New Home!

It’s time to Pop the Champagne! We DID IT!! BSP got a facelift and it’s even better than before! It was killing us all week not being able to share this with you all. You’ll probably notice a few things that are similar on our new site and A LOT of things that have completely changed. The new BSP site is way more interactive than before, you’ll notice you’ll be able to move through portions of our site more easily and quickly. One of the biggest change you may notice is that http://benjablonski.wpengine.com is now the official home of BSP! WHOOP!

Even more, our website is mobile friendly. With our old Showit site, we didn’t have this capability and moving to Showit5 has not only made our site sleeker, but easier to navigate through and utilize across multiple devices. Google recently came out with changes at the first part of the year that disabled some of our scrolling features and our promo video from showing! You may have notice that a black screen came up, instead of the automatic video that used to play. That’s actually what gave us the big push to move forward with our new website. We’re happy to report that the video is up and running and we’ve added more into the meet us page of our site! During the revamp process, we realized we were not utilizing SEO at all on our site. Our heads are still spinning from all the information we came across. The feature we love most about Showit5 is that they make SEO even easier with their layout. It’s soo easy, it makes you feel like an SEO expert. 😀

We’re so excited to have finally have a storefront that we can be proud of. We can’t help but over share it now! So in honor of the launch, we decided we wanted to do something fun. It involves give aways!! We LOVE going on dessert dates and we live off coffee. Between Starbucks and Coldstone, we’d have to say they’re both tied. SOOOOOOO We’re doing something crazy. We’re hosting TWO give aways!!! YUP!!  That’s RIGHT! We’re giving away a $10 Gift Card to Coldstone Creamery and a $10 Giftcard to Starbucks!
We’re already so excited for the 2 lucky winners!! If you win, you’ll have to invite us. 😛

BSP Relaunch

♥There are a few ways to enter. Pick your option and GOOD LUCK!♥

Go to our FACEBOOK Page  —->https://www.facebook.com/BenandSophiaPhotography
1. Like us on Facebook,
2. Comment on our FB post on what your favorite thing is about our new site
3. Tag a friend in the comments!

And that’s it. You’re entered in to win the best ice cream day of your life.BSP Relaunch


Go to our Instagram Page —> https://www.instagram.com/benandsophiaphotography/
1. Like us on Instagram,
2. Comment on our Instagram Post on what your favorite thing about our new site is
3.  Tag a friend in the comments!

And that’s it. You’re entered in to win the best coffee date of your life.

BSP Relaunch

We’ll announce the winners Friday, March 17th at MIDNIGHT!

NOTE: You can enter into both giveaways!!
Thanks for helping us celebrate our new look!

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