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June 12, 2017

BSP Birthday

It has officially been four years since we started Ben and Sophia Photography!  We can’t believe it! We can remember the day we bought the very first Nikon D3200 home and started shooting. It was so exciting, yet frustrating trying to learn everything at once.

There were so many buttons and widgets and options, we did not even know where to start. We remember photographing random trees, clothing, nail polish bottles, water bottles, anything and everything. We were trying hard to get a grasp of what photography was all about. We knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as picking up a camera and just pressing a button, but we had no idea how involved it truly was. It has been so much more than taking pictures, or the editing, or even writing blogs!

The people we have met along the way and have been able to serve has been the biggest gift of all. We can remember every bride, couple and proposal we have ever photographed and it brings us so much joy being able to be a part of such significant moments in their lives. We had no idea how much we would be impacted by our couples alone. Many of them have their own business, they have started their own families, and have embarked on journeys of their. They inspire us everyday. They have taught us to be more compassionate, to fall in love often, and again and again. The greatest gift is how they inspire us to always remember the reasons why we we even fell in love with each other in the first place.

Four years later, we have gained so much knowledge and even more to learn about photography and ourselves. The journey for BSP has been an incredible one and we could not be more proud and happy. The best part: our Journey is only just beginning 😉

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