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February 26, 2018

The Average Cost of Wedding Photography

This is a tough topic to discuss, but we are sharing all about it today on our Youtube Channel! What is the average cost of Wedding Photography? The range can vary from $1-10k and up. We know, this is a big difference in values. Why are these values so different?? It all has to do with a range of factors that include who the photographer is, knowledge, expertise, coverage, style of photography and many other factors. When you’re looking for wedding photography, you don’t want to look at just cost. You also want to look for the following as well.

Who is the Photographer

Who is your photographer? Is it someone that you get along with? Knowing who your photographer is crucial. When you click with your photographer, the price is all the while more worth it! You’re spending an entire day with your close friends and family, you’ll want your photographer to be able to get along with you and your guests. Make sure to meet with your photographer beforehand to see if you both click.


What are the styles that you are drawn to when it comes to images? Not all wedding images are created equal. Some images have more dark, contrasting tones, while others can be bright and airy. What are some elements that you enjoy about images? When you’re looking at wedding photographer’s website, can you see yourself in the images you are seeing? Notice the posing and ask yourself if the poses are something you can envision you and your fiance in.

Knowledge and Expertise

Knowledge and expertise is crucial when it comes to wedding photography. A wedding takes a ton of detail, planning and people for everything to fall into place. You will want to look for an expertise level where your photographer can take on any problems as they arise on your wedding day. A wedding photographers job is more than just showing up and taking pictures, it’s knowing what to do throughout the day to help run your wedding day smoothly. The knowledge and experience level of a photographer can determine whether or not you have a good or bad experience on your big day.

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