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August 30, 2017

How to Automate Your Business

One of the best things we did for ourselves was to automate our blog and social media posts. It was simple changes that freed up so much more of our time while making big impacts. We’re sharing the top three ways we’ve automated our own business, and got more of our personal life back.

Use Buffer and Later to Automate Social Media Posts

If you’re not currently using automated software for social media posts, we HIGHLY recommend it! There are dozens of different applications we found that we can’t even list them all. Two of our favorites that we currently use are Buffer and Later (formerly known as Latergramme).

The cool thing about these programs is that you can use them for FREE! However, they do limit how many social media feeds you can connect to, file sizes, and how often you can post. Upgrading to a paid account grants you more freedom to post and a more in-depth look on analytics as well as other features.

Our blog and social media schedules are planned out a month in advance, so this helps us out a ton. All we have to do is plug in the images and content through the applications.

Once we save the images and post content, we simply select the date and time we want it published. It does the rest for us!!


We use Later to help us automate our Instagram feed. The application itself won’t publish to Instagram, but with the app downloaded on our phones, it will remind us to publish our post.

From there, it will pre-load the image we saved and all we have to do is copy the content into the post area and VOILA! It’s ready to post!!

One amazing feature Later just added allows us to actually see how the image will look in our feed before we even post it!! That keeps our feed looking more consistent and prevents us from over-posting any one thing on our account (like a million posts of our dog Mo! :D).

 Take Advantage of Analytics and Metrics Features

When automating your posts, it’s good to know the IDEAL time to publish. Not all social media platforms are made equal, and knowing the best times to publish on each one can help boost engagement.

Facebook and Instagram have an analytics feature that offer valuable insights about your business page. It even shows you what time of the day and which day of the week your page gets the most views!

With Facebook buying Instagram, there has been a push for businesses to pay for posts in order to be viewed more. We see many accounts choosing to stay as regular accounts because of this.

If you don’t have a business Instagram account, you can use another tool called Union Metrics. It’s FREE to use!

The data that it gives shares from the most recent week of social media postings. There is an option to upgrade the account for even more in depth statistics.


Much of our blogging is actually done ahead of time! Many authors have actually said that they usually have a chunk of time shaved out in their schedules to write down ideas, thoughts and portions of their books, because inspiration usually comes in blocks.

We use the same approach for blogging and it actually works! Once we get into the groove of creating a blog post, we are usually in the creative mood to produce even more content. In the long run, this saves us way more time than waiting until the day of.

We actually have a bunch of posts pre-made, ready to go that we pre-schedule out. WordPress allows us to schedule posts for specific dates and times and automatically publish for us! Some of our posts even schedule while we are still sleeping! 😀

The monthly blog schedule helps us keep track and allows us to blog a whole months worth of content ahead of time.

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  1. Sarah A. Parker

    August 30th, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    Hi Ben & Sophia,

    Thank you for including our free Instagram account checkup as a useful Instagram measurement resource. We appreciate it!

    – Sarah A. Parker
    Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
    Fine Makers of the Union Metrics Social Suite & more

  2. Sophia Jablonski

    September 2nd, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    We are happy to share Sarah!! We love Union Metrics tools, it’s helped us a ton!

  3. Ben and Sophia Photography | DC Wedding PhotographersWays to Utilize Google Analytics

    September 25th, 2017 at 11:31 am

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