In a previous post about How to Treat Female Hair Loss, this time I will explain about the “5 vitamins for hair growth“. Many people are unaware of the importance of several types of vitamins to grow our hair. Many people who try to meet the nutritional needs of hair by using shampoos that contain vitamins, usually in the form of vitamin C, E or B complex. But usually, the content of vitamins contained in the shampoo is usually very little that is not enough. Especially on the hair that suffered significant damage, either on natural hair or colored hair, is in need nutritional needs.

Most of us want to look beautiful, handsome, healthy, shiny hair, but few are aware of the proper way to obtain it. grow hair with vitamins is one of the best ways we know and maybe we should do.

Explaining the “5 Vitamins forHair Growth”

Vitamin A

Lack of vitamin A will cause your hair to become dry and rough skin. However, excess vitamin can also cause new problems, ie baldness. Therefore, if consuming these vitamins in moderation.

Vitamin B

This vitamin is in need to maintain the health of the body, including maintaining hair growth. This vitamin increases the amount of ceramide in the body and increases blood circulation to the scalp. Rice, wheat cereals, nuts are some foods that contain these vitamins.

Vitamin B3

Such as vitamin B, vitamin B3 also increases blood circulation and hair growth. Foods that contain lots of vitamin B3 are meat, fish, chicken and wheat.

Vitamin B6

In addition to good skin, this vitamin is also good to prevent hair loss. This vitamin is responsible for the production of melanin that gives color to your hair. Cereals, yeast, egg yolk, vegetables, liver and meat, all rich in vitamin B 6.

Vitamin E

Is the most important vitamins for hair to maintain beauty and prevent hair loss. There was a study saying that vitamin E increases the supply of oxygen to the hair, stimulate hair growth faster, boost immunity and increase blood circulation.
Addition of vitamin E also nourish the hair and treat dry hair, damaged hair and slow down aging. You can take vitamin E in nuts, wheat, eggs, vegetable oil and green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.

Before you take 5 vitamins for hair growth, Tanya and consult with a doctor you trust. There may be some vitamins for hair growth that you should not consume it, which is why you should always consult with your doctor before you make a decision. In this way, you can choose the vitamins for hair growth and know without doubt that there will be no long-term side effects or problems that will arise after consuming some vitamins for hair growth.

How about an explanation of  5 vitamins for hair growth above?. it was not hard, was it? to get the hair healthy and beautiful. Hair care from the outside is important, but keep in mind, do not overdo it because too risky to make your hair become healthy and damaged. Combine your hair from the outside and in order to obtain maximum results. Hopefully, this article about 5  vitamins for hair growth, maybe useful and thank you.