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August 22, 2016

3 Tips to Improve Photographing Wedding Cakes

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As lovers of all things sweet, we love photographing the wedding cake! It’s an important memento of the wedding day and something the bride and groom can share with all of their guests. Not only that, the bride and groom typically take the top layer to have on their one year anniversary wedding date as a tradition! We take a lot of pride in photographing this important part of the wedding day and we’re sharing a few of our tips to help improve the wedding cake images!

  1. First things first, try and find a clean background. Typically the cake is set up on it’s own table in a corner. You may have to change your angles to get a clean wall or create a clean space yourself. We wouldn’t recommend moving the cake yourself, but moving distractions such as chairs in the background will help! In the image below, there is a bench in the background, plates hanging on the wall,  and a huge cabinet to the left filled with dishes. We cropped in a little tight and angled ourselves to get the clean white wall in the background. This makes for even prettier images when it goes in the bride and grooms albums! 🙂WeddingCake
    2. Find the best light, or bring it. If the wedding cake is positioned on a table near a window, utilize the natural light and  position yourself in a way to let the light naturally fall off the cakes edges to create depth. Sometimes, the cake is not ready to be photographed until after the light is already gone. If there is no available natural light, utilize flash or off camera lighting to photograph the cake. Below, is an image of a cake from a beautiful barn wedding. The cake was placed on a table next to a window so we utilized the window light to the right of the cake.
    3. Shoot from all angles. When you’re shooting the cake, look at it from all angles and photograph the different views. The floral details on the top of the cake may not be well noticed when looking at eye level, so get above it to shoot below. Wedding cakes offer all kinds of details from the layers, to the designs and the wedding cake topper. Capturing it in different angles helps the bride and groom remember that gorgeous cake that they spent time picking out and deciding on together. 
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